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Our mobile phones, smartphones or mobile phones have become our inseparable companions, helping us perform many functions such as: communication via calls, messages, video calls, GPS navigation, photography and video camera, compass, map , clock, stopwatch, alarm clock and many advanced functions such as payment and NFC recognition.

Regardless of whether you have an Android phone (any brand), iPhone or any other phone, one of the most important aspects of these devices is battery life. This is where maximum upload capacity, foreground and background data usage, and the functionality we give them overall come into play.

Depending on your habits and routine, your phone's battery will deteriorate with the charging and discharging you do, but you're probably wondering how to prolong its life or at least how you can prevent it from deteriorating quickly. Today we will share with you a series of habits that can harm it and that you should consider to avoid a sudden decrease in the useful life of your mobile phone.

What habits destroy your cell phone battery?

Cell phones have Lithium-ion batteries, which is the most common today. These batteries have a limited lifespan and can be damaged with corrosion.

There is a series of Habits Which can damage cell phone batteries, including:

– Charging your cell phone overnight: This may cause the battery to overheat, which may shorten its useful life. It is best to charge your cell phone until it is fully charged and then unplug it.

Charged cell phone, credits to Canva

– Leaving the battery completely discharged: This may also damage the battery. It is best to charge your cell phone when it has a charge rate of between 20% and 80%.

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– Use cheap chargers: Cheap chargers may not provide enough current to the battery, which may damage it. It is best to use original or certified chargers.

– Exposing the cell phone to extreme temperatures: High and low temperatures can damage the battery. It is best to avoid exposing your cell phone to temperatures above 35°C or below -20°C.

-Using your cell phone while charging: This may cause the battery temperature to rise, which may reduce its useful life. It is best to avoid using your cell phone while charging.

What can you do to extend battery life?

To extend the life of your cell phone battery, it's important to avoid these habits. Other measures can also be taken to protect the battery, remember that if you have the enhanced recharging function as in the iPhone and Samsung brands, you can activate it, thus your phone will learn your daily routine and you will always get a good percentage of the charge. We'll share two tips that can also help you:

Keep your phone clean and dust-free: Dust can clog the ventilation holes on your phone, which can cause it to overheat.

Cell phone software update: Software updates often include performance and security improvements that can help protect your battery.

By following these tips, you can help extend the life of your cell phone's battery.

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