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15.00 / four

Daily broadcast of “Extreme Tension”

From today, the contest presented by Christian Galvez starts broadcasting from Monday to Friday. After handing over the grand prize of €700,000 just two months ago, the highest in quattro history, the program will surpass 200,000 euros in the pot on Monday. At the head of the contestants will be Jaime Manaret, who this week became the longest-serving participant in the programme: 104 editions.

17.55 / TCM

“The Postman Always Calls Twice”

Postman rings are always twice. USA, 1981 (116 min). Director: Bob Raphaelson. Cast: Jack Nicholson, Jessica Lange.

In 1946, Ty Garnett was filming one of the masterpieces of black film by adapting the excellent novel by James M. Kaine. Nearly 40 years later, Bob Rafelson attacked her again. Having the freedom not to tolerate strict censorship, Raffelson reinforces the amoral tone of the story and brings out the sexual tension between the protagonists, a couple possessed by greed and the desire for sexual assertiveness. The outlet maintains a dry, sharp stage loaded with throttle tyres.

19.20 / Sundance


crayfish. Greece – United Kingdom 2015 (115 minutes). Director: Yorgos Lanthimos. On the streets: Colin Farrell, Rachel Weisz, Jessica Bardeen, John C. Reilly.

amazing manager dog s Alps In his first international production, he reiterated his main objective obsession: creating a sovereignty in which the everyday principles of real life are distorted. Langosta creates another world, which is in this world, where celibacy is prohibited and citizens are locked in a hotel with prison roads, forced to find a partner. The film’s mantra in favor of freedom is evident in the second section of the film: revolutionaries who fight the established order adopt more ruthless and inflexible regimes. His destructive images, playing with symmetry within the frame, became a mirror of a world without loopholes for free will, designed to create robotic slaves.

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19.35 / Movistar Drama

“theory of everything”

UK 2014 (120 min). Director: James Marsh. Cast: Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, Charlie Cox, Emily Watson, David Thewlis.

The suggestive and dramatic life of Stephen Hawking makes for a film in the spirit of melodrama, but in a refined and attentive style. theory of everything He embraces personality and is transformed both in his professional discoveries and in his daily existence, particularly in his relationship with his first wife. Eddie Redmayne delivers unforgettable work, as does Felicity Jones, who relentlessly epitomizes the deep love of a disabled person.

19.45 / Movistar Classics


United Kingdom 1979 (115 min). Director: Frank Rodham. Cast: Phil Daniels, Mark Wingate, Philip Davis, Leslie Ash, Gary Cooper, Sting.

“we Modify! “, Shouting some young Londoners, looking for fun and music, and why not, the angry look of rocker. Quadrovinia It quickly became a generational milestone, buoyed by the unforgettable success of the Who album that led to its portrayal. Today’s Vista has advanced a bit, of course, but it still retains a good portion of its bluff and eagerness to be noisy. Vespa and ties in front of leather clothes.

22.10 / 1

“MasterChef” arrives in Segovia

Finca la Estación in Segovia, an old brick factory, is the place for outdoor testing chef, Contestants will experience a replay and a menu designed by Chef Oscar Hernando must be prepared for 70 guests. Before that, for the first test at night, they’ll cook with the ingredient hidden under a mysterious box. The Elimination Challenge will consist of a reproduction of Pepe Rodríguez’s roster.

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22.30 / DMAX

Old world constructions

Guido P Lombardi from the University of Caetano Heredia in Lima, Peru
Guido P Lombardi from the University of Caetano Heredia in Lima, Peruscience channel

Valley of the Queens is the destination for this installment of dismantling history. The series team travels in search of one of the most impressive tombs of ancient Egypt. This tomb, where a large number of mummies were found, reveals the best kept secrets of the upper echelons of women during the Pharaonic era.

22.45 / 3 . antenna

A new date with the series “Innocents”

Conflicts always lie in wait for the heroes of the series innocent. This episode tells how the darkness within Han slowly grows after his meeting with Ceylon. Naji also learns that Safiya started meeting the doctor and sent her a special gift, unaware that such a gift might hurt Safiya’s feelings.

23.35 / Movistar Classics

Cabinet Dr. Caligari

Caligari stepped into the closet of dr. Caligari. Germany, 1919 (68 min). Director: Robert Wayne. Cast: Werner Krause, Konrad Wiedt, Lil Dagofer.

Imagination and reality coexist in what remains the most representative work of expression in cinema. Containing a complex and detailed script by Karl Mayer, an overwhelming visual work (adorned with distorted perspectives, quirky makeup) and the ability to transcend codes of cinematic language, it is revolutionary in its day and valid more than eighty years later. The torrent of his imagination did not meet.


“Jackie Brown”

USA 1997 (148 min). Director: Quentin Tarantino. Cast: Pam Greer, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Forster, Robert De Niro.

One of Tarantino’s less commercial works, he pays tribute to the cinema of the 1970s, always under his watch. The adventures of a stewardess smuggling coins for a violent getaway are powerfully filmed, and Tarantino pauses his visual a bit to make a work close to classic styles.

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