What are the three main candidates to replace Sebastian Battaglia as Boca Juniors coach

Ricardo Gareca, Martin Palermo and Gabriel Heinz seem like potential replacements for Battaglia.

with the Sebastian Battaglia resigns as Boca Juniors coach The dance of potential alternatives began and at this time Football Council (CDF) He has a daunting task to be able to determine who He will be responsible for the first team after him Temporary Hugo Ibarra and Leandro Gracian. These are two former club players, one an idol and the third with a successful career in Argentine football.

The first one to ring is Ricardo Gareca, who was coach of Peru until the World Cup play-off with Australia in Qatar, although after the elimination in that case Tigre still had everything ready to renew the contract with the Inca federation. However, in the last hours through his representative, the former attacker had requested a waiting period to sign.

Gareca played for Boca Juniors between 1978 and 1984 (in 1981 he was loaned to Sarmiento de Junin) and then moved to River Plate with his friend Oscar Ruggeri. From that moment on, he didn’t have a good picture of the xeneize bias, but he is one of the leading candidates for CDF because of his experience, style, and awards.

the other Gabriel Hineswhose last job in the USA was at MLS at Atlanta United and was there until mid-2021. El Gringo was a champion with the Argentinos Juniors at the First National in 2016/2017 and led great campaigns at Vélez, where he promoted several youngsters who brought Relief to the wardrobe Fortinera.

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While the third name is Martin PalermoThe club’s all-time top scorer, who has won everything in his time as a footballer. The Titan is directed by Aldosivi where he had a good job, but due to disagreements with the former director of the Mar del Plata entity he left his position.

Another possibility is that Ibarra-Gracián’s training period is ongoing (something that happened at the time with Sebastián Battaglia), but this will be subject to the results they can achieve.

Boca statement that the former midfielder was expelled
Boca statement that the former midfielder was expelled

The options specify two different positions. Gareca, Heinze and Palermo (especially Heinze) are coaches who somehow need global management of the professional team, which is complicated in Xeneize, where there is a football board made up of famous former footballers, starting with Riquelme. Can it be compatible?

With Palermo, in addition, there is a background of friction with JRR10 throughout their La Ribera career, where they earned a lot together, but also generated complex climates in the intimacy of the locker room. However, lately it seems to be getting closer. In fact, the deputy chief of auriazul today authorized the secondment of some of the Boca guys to Aldosivi and they restored the dialogue, according to those close to the two, very friendly.

In the meantime, the case of Ibarra-Gracian will be to continue the Battaglia streak, with a more horizontal management of football, because they are part of the group called by Riquelme to manage everything that happens in Ezeiza. Could there be a cover? The caliphate is just beginning.

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