Welcoming new students to the Lyon Campus

In order to welcome new students from the three departments that make up the Leon Campus of the University of Guanajuato (UG), three concurrent induction courses have been developed where topics of interest to the university community are explained.

The Department of Social Sciences and Humanities has scheduled its talks by default for three days, with the development of related topics such as: presenting the authorities and administrative staff, explaining the gradual hybrid and voluntary return to the classroom, generating supplementary credits, and performing social service. In its constituents and a conference by the staff who make up the UGender.

For its part, the Department of Science and Engineering developed a whole week of familiarization through the teams platform, and related topics were discussed in a certain way. This course was attended by university authorities and staff from the Student Development Coordination at the Lyon Campus.

Unlike the other departments that make up the Lyon campus, the Department of Health Sciences has made it known through a self-taught brochure that includes all relevant data for the student community. In the same way, it gives them access to the videos so that they can reproduce a particular topic as many times as necessary.

It should be noted that this was an effort undertaken in a certain way by each department; They develop their own program, create support materials, schedule appointments with university authorities and address relevant issues for students during their career at the university.

In this atypical school year due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, 355 undergraduate students were admitted to the Division of Health Sciences, 261 to the Division of Social Sciences and Humanities and 216 to the Division of Science and Engineering.

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In this way, the university community is served according to the concepts of the “new normal”, promoting its integral development, generating opportunities and incentives and providing them with the necessary tools to develop quality during their stay at the top level.

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