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It has become a global phenomenon on Netflix. Thanks to the work of young talents like Jenna Ortega, Tim Burton’s brand of nostalgia and even a new adaptation of The Addams Family on screen, Merlina’s story has managed to break many records on the popular streaming platform.

Of course, this is made many of his fans They would like to know the major locations where their favorite productions have been recorded, and today, thanks to this, it is made possible Guided visits which were organized on photographic sets.

Also, this is a tour that benefits local businesses: a tourist boom has been reported in Romania Thanks to the Netflix series.

Where was “On Wednesday” taped for Netflix?

“Wednesday” Filmed in RomaniaAnd A country in southeastern Europe known for its forest region Transylvania (Yes, one of the stories Dracula and other vampires).

view Never Academy again and town Jericho They were shot Bucharest, Capital. Specifically, on groups Buftea Studioswhich is now open.

Flavien Dupreewhich organizes thematic tours of the series, he said That this is where the entire ambitious project team has been housed for months.

“It was a heavy production, which lasted more than eight months, and involved good people, people who revived, who gave priority to Romanian cinema and made it all happen here, in Buftea StudiosA place that has a strong emotional, cinematic and cultural charge at the same time.”pointed out.

You can watch Nevermore Academy locations in real life (Image: Netflix)

How much is the trip to the studios where “On Wednesday” was filmed?

As revealed by the official website of These guided tours have an individual cost of Rs 200 Romanian Lei ($43.94).

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The tour lasts approx Two hours It allows you to see the internal and external scenarios and scenographic constructions of the studio where they were produced Over 500 productions since 1957.

The tour to the studios "Wednesday" It costs 200 ROM (Photo: Netflix)

A tour to the ‘Wednesday’ studios costs 200 ROM (Photo: Netflix)

Tourism in Romania rises thanks to the “Wednesday” series

According to a report Expediaa popular online travel agency, registered a 55% increase in hotel searches in Bucharest In the first two weeks (before and after) launch “Wednesday”.

This made a huge difference compared to the month before the comic’s premiere Netflixsymbolizing the onlookers’ interest in making this their new holiday destination.

It is worth noting that according to Other popular places for TV series influence are: the United Kingdom (“House of the Dragon”) and New Zealand (“The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power”).

Jenna and Emma Myers are the two stars of the series "Wednesday" From Netflix (Photo: Jenna Ortega/Instagram)

Jenna and Emma Myers stars from the Netflix series “Wednesday” (Photo: Jenna Ortega/Instagram)

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