Web pages collapse around the world, from the White House to Paypal – El Intransigente

This Tuesday morning several Internet pages The major global media and official institutions suffered access problems. Official websites, such as White House Or the British government, the podium reddit or payment system PayPal They were among those who suffered a malfunction in their platforms, causing them to fall.

Also, on media sites, such as The New York TimesAnd the the world from France, BBCAnd the WatchmanAnd the financial times a the world From Spain he could not consult or offer intermittent access. the web www.gov.uk, which includes the various ministries of the British Executive and allows the implementation of official procedures, gave an error message and claimed that it was not available.

When trying to return to the White House page a message appears that the portal is “not working”. A site that specializes in detecting faults of this kind bottom detector He noted that there had been a “big breakdown in QuicklyThe American tech giant.

The origin of the problem was discovered in the large American IT service provider Fastly, as the company itself admitted during the morning, whose portal was also not accessible. Several hours later, Fastley reported that he had “identified” the problem and was “working on a solution,” according to AFP.

The company is investigating a “potential impact” on its CDN (Content Delivery Network) services, that is, its content distribution networks. These networks are a group of servers that work together to provide data and content. Includes customers quickly DeliverooAnd the Pinterest a Shazam.

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