“We played, we fought, we quickly played” – Publimetro Chile

It is known that Gabriel Boric’s pet is a popular personality in social networksThat’s why he shared opinions and information on different topics, but this time he posted a unexpected encounter with british youtuber, Louis Shawcross.

through your account InstagramBrownie Borek commented: “General Collaboration / Decade / Century! A great and recognized Latin music critic, icon, fame and sensation, along with a fan from the United Kingdom. Because man’s best friend is everywhere!‘, crossed with emotion.

Later, he clarified who his guest is: “I present to you another one of my fans: Lewis AKA “Uncle Struggle” Shawcross. Here are some pics With my new mortal when he came to see me in my swamp (I had to throw him to the ground because he started doing the forbidden steps).”

He finally stated that in this meeting “We played, we fought, we play soon (Although he never left his square game) And we listened to the music! You tasked him with replying to something 31 minutes old, what would you ask of him? asked his followers.

“Note: Best crossover since The Avengers. Ben Britton, it’s time“, the post.

In the postcards, you can see them having a good time in between A dog hug and a big smile from Louis.

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