“We must involve the private sector in financing science.”

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Mónica Rubio, the 2021 National Exact Sciences Prize, addressed the most important challenges related to science and its development in our country.

Regarding the challenges that we as a country must face in scientific matters, Rubio analyzed the following: “I think there is progress, but we also owe it.” Regarding the importance of science, the astronomer was clear. “Science is essential in the development of societies and in advanced societies“, pointed out.

In the same key, he said:Science is the basis of technology development and innovation. Without scientists, there is no progress“.

And about the points that must be emphasized to improve the current state of science, the scientist explained that: “The state has made an important resource effort, but we must integrate the private world into the financing of science“, handle.

Finally, Monica Rubio told her most exciting and beautiful moments. “That was when in Magallanes we were able to discover a very young star that had just formed (…) When we were able to take its spectra, it was a very exciting and beautiful moment‘, was sentenced.

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