We must be very careful about public sector wages and fueling inflation – Zahawi

Newly appointed British Chancellor of the Exchequer Nadim al-Zahawi said on Wednesday that “We have to be very careful with public sector salaries and fueling inflationWhen asked about inflation and salary growth.

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request The corporate tax cut said: “I will study everything To make sure we continue to stand by the people.

“It is wrong to get into an internal battle.”

“We have to take financial responsibility.”

“Nothing is off the table.”

We have to work with the Bank of England To ensure the correctness of monetary policy.

Over the Energy prices: “We have to make sure we have an energy strategy that allows us to invest in nuclear energy“.

“about him Fuel tax: “I will look at everything“.

“Reducing taxes is one of the most important things to do.”

“I have to make sure of that I comply with those in troubleand controlling inflation.

“Inflation, if allowed to get out of hand, is harmful.”

“We have to come together as a party.”

“If we focus on compliance, people will judge us.”

On taxes: “The prime minister wants to make sure we have fiscal discipline.”

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