We already have a trailer for Spencer, with Kristen Stewart as Lady Di

Yesterday they gave us the poster and it came out today August 26 the first tractor from Spencer, the movie in which we will see Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana.

This is one of the most awaited films of the year, not only because we never imagined K. Stew in the role but because 2021’s “People’s Princess” is more modern than ever. From fashion to how his sons carry his legacy, and of course celebrating his 60th birthday.

undoubtedly timing He is perfect and Spencer’s photos cause a lot of emotions in the audience.

What Spencer’s Trailer Reveals

As we know, before she became Diana of Wales, she was Diana Spencer, an innocent and cheerful girl who was, however, part of one of the most important noble families in the UK.

Apparently, the film wants to emphasize that this has always been his identity, through thick and thin: he’s never lost his character, but he can’t be part of the royal family either.

In the trailer, we can see all the preparations for the weekend at Sandringham, one of Queen Elizabeth II’s residences. Everything is ready, but Diana is missing. Later, in a series of photos, we see her going through all kinds of emotions as she navigates the cottage.

Only in the end can we hear Kristen Stewart’s British accent, when she simply answers “they don’t” to the phrase “they know everything.”

We don’t doubt that her performance will be subject to scrutiny, criticism and scrutiny, as Diana is still very likable, but we doubt that it will be a very useful film.

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