Water science doctoral student at UDLAP, participating in the annual meeting of the US Toxicology Society

Valerie Ben MartinezEighth grade student PhD in water sciences From the University of the Americas, Puebla (UDLAP)with Travel Award subordinate Spanish organization of toxicologists, The award that allowed him to attend and present a poster on his doctoral thesis project, at the annual meeting of the Society of Toxicologists in the United States.

A doctoral student from UDLAP attended San Diego to participate in the 61st edition of the annual meeting of Toxicology Society, a space that collected about 70 scientific conversations with more than six thousand participants. Regarding her attendance, Valerie Bean, who shared a poster titled Reducing the toxicity of phenolic compounds in water systems by yeastsHe explained that he had good results and a great experience in this meeting, “It allowed me to communicate with multiple researchers in the field I am developing, and there were also a lot of people interested in the poster and the project, which motivates me to continue the work.”

He made it clear thanks to being a member of Toxicology Societyas well as a Hispanic organization of toxicologists and women in toxicology, Was able to participate and attend this meeting “There sure Awards or scholarships, you applied for Spanish organization from toxicologists. At the beginning of February, I received an email congratulating me because my work stood out among the international student applications they received, and thus I won Ph.D. International Student Travel Award‘, he shared.

Similarly, he commented that there were many interested in his project, “The applicability of the project caught their attention, given that it aims to degrade persistent organic pollutants, especially mixtures of phenols, from industrial wastewater using combinations of yeasts with the ability to degrade lignin. Effective removal of phenolic compounds is considered of wastewater is of great global importance to prevent its entry into the environment. For this, it is important to have wastewater treatment technologies that are efficient, clean, sustainable and low-cost.”

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The Mtra. Valerie Ben Martinez is a distinguished PhD student in water sciences at the University of Las America Puebla, under the guidance of Dr. Jose Luis Sánchez Salas, presenting the results of her doctoral thesis for the sixth time. “In September last year, I participated in #LatinXChem2021, the largest virtual event in Latin America in Chemistry, for which I received an honorable mention thanks to my work.” He concluded by stating that he hopes his PhD project will contribute to society in general, “What we want to achieve with this project is to implement it in multiple treatment plants and use this yeast-based technology to eliminate various persistent pollutants in the environment such as phenols. This research is The beginning of something can go a long way.”

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