Warning from Gonzalo Higuain to Luis Suarez

by Hector Canto

If Lucho wants to go to MLS, he has to consider that it won’t be easy

Luis Suarez will be ending his contract in the coming months and everything seems to indicate that his days as a footballer at Atletico Madrid will soon be over.

The former Barcelona player lost ownership of the mattress and will now seek a new destination in his professional career, which could be in the Major League Soccer.

Years ago, when he still belonged to the Barcelona team, Suarez expressed his desire to play football in the United States. In the league, they also love him, especially Inter Miami, the club that was ready to bring in big stars like “Lucho” himself and Lionel Messi.

Given this potential scenario, Florida forward Gongazlo Higuaín has sent a clear message, both to him and to any other soccer player who wants to try their luck at MLS.

“I thought about coming here and playing with a cigarette in my mouth and instead it was hard. The Argentine international, who joined the league in 2020, and who has compared the level of the MLS to that of Serie A, Italy’s top football tournament, said, “It is Tough league.”

Since arriving at MLS, Gonzalo Higuain, one of the best Argentine scorers in European football, has scored just 15 goals in 44 matches he played.

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