Warner Bros. confirmed. Discovery International its new leadership team

After the creation of Warner Bros. Discovery, the new company’s international unit confirmed the departure of Witt Richardson, while Fernando Medine announced President and Managing Director of LatAm and Hispanics in the United States.

Warner Bros.’ new leadership team has been announced. Discovery International (WBD International) after the completion of the merger between Warner Media and Discovery, which led to the creation of Warner Bros. New Discovery.

Through an approved intercom TV NewsGerhard Zeller, President of WBD International, announced in the past few hours the dismissal of Witt Richardson from the new international unit and confirmed the new regional leaders, and the appointment of Fernando Medine as President and Managing Director for Latin America and Hispanic USA.

“After several conversations with senior international business leaders from both WarnerMedia and Discovery, I am pleased to confirm the leadership team for Warner Bros. Discovery’s international operations, who will report back to me,” Zeller announced through internal communications.

Our international joint business has a large scale and diversified portfolio – both geographically and in terms of business lines. As a result, when deciding on the new leadership structure, we wanted to ensure that we assigned regional leaders, to reflect the scale and complexity of the business, which in turn would allow for an increased focus on key markets.”

“The result is a different geographic organization than what existed before the merger, which will also allow both regional leaders to assess growth and efficiency opportunities faster, and to merge the two companies quickly.”

On the other hand, Gerhard Zeller announced the departure of Witt Richardson after the establishment of the new international unit of the company.

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“I am deeply saddened to lose Witt Richardson to the international team. As many of you know, I’m not exaggerating, but Witt’s impact on our Latin American business has been simply remarkable, and his contributions over the past 20 years have been invaluable,” noted Seiler.

“White has guided the business through many organizational changes, and has proven to be an inspiring, empathetic and strategic leader. At each stage we develop diverse, collaborative and united teams. Among other accomplishments, Whit has played a significant role in building Turner’s business in Argentina and integrating the Claxson Channel Group. He has also been Pioneering our esports strategy in the region, and over his years in this position, he has nearly tripled our profits in Latin America.”

More recently, he was responsible for merging the businesses of HBO and later Warner Bros. in the region, which led to the emergence of the single WarnerMedia organization in Latin America. Ultimately, he played a significant role in the successful launch of HBO Max in the region, working closely with our colleagues from the DTC Foundation. I couldn’t ask for more. Witt was kind enough to stay with us during the transition period; We will give you more details soon. Your help to bring the two companies together will be essential,” he emphasized.

Through the internal letter, Gerhard Zeller announced that Anil Guingan, current President and Managing Director of Discovery Asia Pacific, will take on a new position as the lead for the development of the new WBD Group’s business in all international markets, and form part of the Bruce Campbell Organization.

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WBD International’s new leadership team

Priya Dogra its name President and General Manager EMEA (excluding Poland)and supervising the company’s joint presence in that region. Dogra will continue to operate from London, and will be responsible for integrating and operating the international Discovery and WarnerMedia organizations across the region.

James Gibbons It is called President and General Manager of Australia, New Zealand and Japan. In addition, he would temporarily remain in charge of the Nordic nations, who would report to Dogra, and would transfer command of the Discovery of the United Kingdom and Ireland to Dogra, who would oversee those countries in the meantime.

Cassia Kelly its name President and General Manager of Poland and CEO of TVN. In this role, Kelly will provide her expertise in the dynamics of the media sector in Poland.

Fernando Medina It is called President and General Manager of Latin America and Hispanic Americans. The CEO will continue to operate from São Paulo, and will be responsible for large businesses in the region, which includes important football rights and a strong channel portfolio.

Clement Schwebeg It is called President and General Manager for Southeast Asia (SEA), Korea and India. The CEO will remain in Singapore, where he has been responsible for WarnerMedia’s new integrated operations since 2020.

Gillian ChaoStream President of Warner Media China, will continue to report to Zeller in his current position. Zhao has held this position since 2016, at which time he was able to expand and strengthen the company’s business.

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Tony QStream General Manager and Senior Vice President of Greater China and Southeast Asia (SEA), and Head of Direct Consumer Discovery in Asia Pacific (APAC)He will report to Zeller in his role in Greater and Direct-to-Consumer China, and to Clement Schwebeg in connection with his responsibilities in the area of ​​Strategic Environmental Assessment.

Andrew George continue as President and General Manager of WBD Sports Europebased in London, is responsible for the sporting business and maintaining its existing portfolio, which includes: Eurosport, PlaySports Group (including the global cycling network), Golf Portfolio (PGA Tour, GolfTV and Golf Digest) and Sports Events Business.

Robert Blair Still responsible for licensing work as Head of International Television Distribution WBDto be jointly responsible with each of the regional heads for the licensing of all television and film content.

Ronald goes continues his role as Executive Vice President and International Television Production Managerresponsible for the international production business of Warner Bros.

In conclusion, Zeller highlighted: “I have complete confidence in this group of leaders. I have no doubt that they, individually and collectively, will help us be the best and most dynamic media company in the world, as we work closely across all divisions of the WBD, including with Our colleagues in the United States. In the coming days, each of these leaders will be in touch with their respective organizations, but in the meantime, let us congratulate them on their new roles.”

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