VP says UK ‘intent to steal gold from Venezuelans’

This content was published on Jul 08, 2022 – 21:53

Caracas, July 8 (EFE). – The Executive Vice President of Venezuela, Delcy Rodriguez, confirmed on Friday that the United Kingdom “intends to steal the Venezuelans’ gold”, in connection with the lawsuit filed to control the country’s reserves deposited in a European country and valued at about 1,600 million euros (about 1,630 million dollars).

“All countries should think that what they did to Venezuela they can do to them too, and know, do not take their gold to the Bank of England, do not put it in custody, because in the end they will end up being the victims of a historical piracy of this country aimed at stealing gold Men and women of Venezuela,” the official said during an event with social movements.

On December 20, the British Supreme Court accepted, in part, the appeal of opponent Juan Guaido on whether he or the country’s president, Nicolas Maduro, should control the gold deposited in the Bank of England.

Britain’s highest judicial body has referred the case to the Commercial Division of the High Court to determine who is authorized to administer the gold.

In this regard, Rodriguez said that in the next few days the “fate” of the precious metal will be resolved, a dispute, as he emphasized, presented by the Venezuelan Central Bank, for which he requested support and “fight”. In any case, for the citizen.

“Venezuela is fighting for Venezuelans’ gold. Are you going to allow the UK government, which is in deep crisis, to steal all Venezuelans’ gold? That’s why the BCV is there, fighting. But we have to do it fighting here on the street.”

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The vice president noted that the bullion was handed over as a “deposit” to the Bank of England, and that BCV stated that only Venezuela could dispose of it.

“It’s an imperial country, an imperial country that stole the gold that BCV deposited as a customer,” he asserted.

In addition, Rodriguez reported the establishment of an “anti-blockade movement” that would be activated both inside and outside Venezuelan territory “to continue to fight the perpetual battle” over the country’s resources and assets. EFE

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