Volvo Group Mexico chooses luxury and gets the distinction of the luxury factor

  • Since before the pandemic, Volvo Group Mexico has already recognized the importance of well-being for its employees.
  • One of the programs the company owns is Volvo Spirit, which recognizes the company’s values.
  • With this, the brand received the Factor Wellbeing 2022 recognition.
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Since before the pandemic, Volvo Group Mexico has already recognized the importance of the well-being of its employees as part of the company’s values.

However, the start of the pandemic was “a boost in learning and the importance of well-being, from physical health to mental health,” said Lilia Torres, director of human resources at Volvo Group Mexico.

The wellness program called “Volvo Prosperity” was launched in January 2020 and includes the brand’s core pillars such as: Code of Conduct, Social Responsibility, and name -035, The chapter on human rights and welfare, which is divided into several themes.

With this, the brand received the recognition of Factor Wellbeing 2022, as one of the companies to monitor welfare of its collaborators.

The well-being of Volvo Group in Mexico is governed by the company’s values

One of the company’s programs is Volvo Spirit, which recognizes the company’s values: customer success, change, performance, passion and trust.

In this program, cards are given to other classmates who recognize him or her and have some indicated value, about 800 cards were delivered this year.

“With this, he shows great interest and participation in the programme, but above all, in the application of Volvo’s values,” said Torres.

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During the booking, the company endeavored to keep in touch with its collaborators

One of the company’s strategies for staying connected, despite the confined distance, has been to have a Facebook group for active collaborators, where they connect with initiatives and participate in contests, trivia, and dynamics.

Currently, the group has 600 collaborators connected voluntarily, “This is a sign of participation.”

In addition, in the midst of the pandemic, the company has had a growth in the number of collaborators, so there was another variable to add to the strategy that Lilia Torres is promoting.

The company also highlights that mental health is essential to the well-being of its employees, which is why Psychological support through the application, Where all employees can access and can share with family members.

“We recognize that we are all going through changes, and we give them the tools and a way to tell them that ‘we are all part of this system.’ We recognize the necessity of having mental health,” Torres said.

Turnover and absenteeism levels in Volvo remained low

These benefits are measured through surveys and serve as a tool to be heard.

With all these measures, turnover within the company is at low levels and absenteeism is at appropriate levels.

“Ultimately we are a system and we are totally dependent on people, everyone has an important role and that’s their importance. Companies are for people and by people. It is our responsibility to take care of people,” Torres added.

Volvo wants the work of its collaborators to contribute to its personal mission

Torres mentions that Volvo Group Mexico is trying to make its collaborators feel that their work contributes to their personal mission “where they can put their best version of themselves,” he said.

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Even as part of its mission, it includes promoting the prosperity of its employees, which goes hand in hand with development and well-being.

As a company, Volvo Group Mexico ensures that it strives to have a genuine concern for people and to see their values ​​reflected in every working day, through measures of well-being.

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