Volkswagen will support the expansion of wind and solar parks in Europe

German car group Volkswagen It will support expansion in Europe Wind and solar farms With some 40 million euros until 2025.

Volkswagen reported on Wednesday that it wants to be Carbon neutral by 2050 It thus exceeds the electrification of the car with The Road to Zero Decarbonization Program.

It has now approved the largest project in its portfolio to date with wind farm specialist wpd Onshore Aldermyrberget in Skelft, northern Sweden.

Volkswagen’s stake in this wind farm is born 100 gigawatt-hours enough electricity to supply it 27,000 families.

Until 2025 there will be 20 other projects In Europe, in Spain, the UK and Finland, which collectively generate electricity from environmental sources for 7 TWh, an amount equivalent to the capacity of more than 300 wind turbines and could cover Annual consumption of 600,000 families.

We are the first car manufacturer to support Expansion of renewable energy sources on a large scale “Because electric mobility can only effectively contribute to climate protection if electric cars are constantly charged with green electricity,” Volkswagen CEO Ralf Brandstätter said.

Charging vehicles with electricity generated from renewable sources will cut carbon dioxide emissions by nearly half compared to the European Union’s electricity standard, according to Volkswagen.

Volkswagen offers its customers green electricity to charge at home (Elli) and on the road (eg at IONITY charging stations).

A new solar plant in Tramm-Göthen, northeastern Germany, will be connected to the grid in early 2022.

It’s a VW project with RWE Energy Company, which contains about 420,000 solar modules and is the largest independent solar project in Germany.

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