Voices of the World will denounce the blockade of Cuba in a media marathon

The initiative was launched on January 23 from Channel Europe via Cuba, and dozens of voices wanting to denounce the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the island are already committed in a continuous broadcast that will run for 24 hours from April 2-3 until April 3. traditional and alternative media, as well as through social networks.

We are satisfied with the call in many countries, but there are still two weeks to add more participants, channel and marathon coordinators, Jose Antonio Toledo, Heidelene Diaz and Patricia Perez, told Prensa Latina.

In this sense, they argued that condemning the blockade and calling for an end to it would find an echo in television and radio stations, the written press, influencers and programs on social networks, as well as in solidarity associations, political parties and trade unions.

The promoters stressed that all those who accepted the invitation to accompany Cuba in this battle were equally welcome, regardless of whether they were large or small, well-known or lesser known organizations.

She confirmed her support for networks such as Telesur, HispanTV, Al Mayadeen, Cubavisión Internacional, Prensa Latina, Sputnik, radio agencies Radio del Sur, Radio Patagonia, Radio Rebelde, Radio Habana Cuba and others.

As well as the World Federation of Trade Unions, the Latin American Network of Solidarity with Cuba and the Island Support Associations, of Cuban residents and communist parties in Argentina, Bolivia, Spain, France, Honduras, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Russia and others. Countries, gave yes to the media marathon.

Regarding the details of the programme, Toledo, Perez and Diaz announced that Europe for Cuba will be broadcast 24 hours a day on its YouTube channel, with several guests who will explain what the embargo is, how it has been implemented for more than six decades, and what its criminal consequences are.

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During the marathon on April 2 and 3, we will implement passes and links with participating media, show videos and provide information about aggressive US policy, they identified.

The European Coordinators for Cuba indicated that once the initiative is realized, they will study its results to promote new projects condemning and denouncing the embargo, which is one of the main reasons that prompted the establishment of the Solidarity Platform in October 2020.

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