vivo X200 will bring life back to compact phones

vivo always wants to be different, so its next phone in the lineup, the vivo X200, could be a “premium” compact phone like the now-defunct Xperia Z Compact.

Promo image of vivo X100 Ultra, the ultimate expression of quality from the Chinese manufacturer

We miss you Compact mobile phonesIt is true that it is not sold, at least not in quantities that allow manufacturers to justify the investment in its development, but it is clear that for many You have a built-in option in the pieces. beloved Like the Xperia Z Compact, it will be more than attractive. At the highest level, everything is a giant brick of glass and metal!

All is not lost, okay? Alive It’s a different manufacturer and the officials still want to be different at this point. In fact, from China the leaked popularity Digital Chat Station It has been reported that after the stratospheric Vivo X100 Ultra with its massive cameras, Vivo’s next move could be the Bringing Cell Phone Back to Life beloved more compact.

Our colleagues told us Gizmo China Following the trail Weibowhere all this information is cooked, with reference to that The change in strategy will come with the arrival of the Vivo X200.which will maintain the form. classic And the copy forefront despite of Reduce the size of the first with a flat screen A more comfortable and versatile approach.

vivo X200 will bring life back to compact phones

This is what the “Digital Chat Station” post on Weibo says:

The sources did not stop there, because in the first details of this smaller body Vivo X200 they also tell us about this Flat design with 6.4 or 6.5 inch diameterwhich while not very small, will be much less than what we are used to these days.

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The edges will be reduced. On all sides of the device, with a 1.5K (1,216-pixel) panel and a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, all of this In 19.5:9 format for maximum comfort And the best user experience.

It won’t be a small 5.5-inch phone, but it will downsize the “premium” segment in search of a more comfortable and versatile style, with a flat 6.4- or 6.5-inch screen.

The back will be presented again. A circular unit will take up a large portion of the space.It features a triple sensor system with 50MP main camera And another periscope sensor with 3x optical zoom.

There will be no shortage of vivo V chip for improved image processingnor the fingerprint scanner under the panel, not to mention the manufacturer’s careful assembly. DongguanAs for the processor, there is talk about a MediaTek Dimension 9400 High performance with AI capabilities.

For now, let’s take it in good spirits because These are leaks in the initial state.and we don’t even know Possible show dates Of these devices… We will be on alert!

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