Visit Osnay Miguel Colina University of Medical Sciences in Villa Clara (+ Photos)

In the student residence he exchanges with students majors and short degrees.

Referring to the structural situation the grant presents today, he said, “Villa Clara companies must be involved in the gradual repair of the buildings, not everything will be achieved at once, but steps must be taken to improve living conditions.” Colina ruled while talking to the boys about their results in study and life. university in general.

Wandering through the teaching building of the College of Technology and Nursing at Villa Clara Medical University, Usnay Miguel Colina Rodriguez, Villa Clara’s highest political leader, talking with students of optometry and optometry, is interested in their main motives and the work of the base of the Communist Youth Union Committee.

Then, in frank conversation with FEU Student Union leaders and health administrators at all levels, learn about the issues that are today high on the institution’s priority list.

In the amphitheater of December 3 in the Graduate House, the exchange of ideas continues, during which important issues related to the daily life of the university are analyzed.

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