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“We are glad to see that many Colombians take advantage of the opportunity to travel to the United Kingdom (UK) without a visa after the change on November 9”And the said George Hodgson, the British ambassador to Colombia, in respect of citizens visiting that country. During the first semester of the year, before this requirement was repealed, 12,000 citizens took the trip.

In this scenario, the diplomat issued answers to the questions he received about it What are the requirements for traveling to the UK without a visa and what activities can be done there without this document.

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George Hodgson, UK Ambassador to Colombia.


Nestor Gomez. the time.

“Obviously, you need a valid passport. You also need proof of your plans to leave the country. Usually a ticket back to your home country. Also, you need proof of the means to support yourself during your stay in the UK.” Hodgson explained the requirements.

However, the ambassador stressed that the final decision to approve the arrival of the Colombians was taken by the immigration services.

“As with any international trip, the final decision remains with immigration services when you arrive in the country. Other questions may be asked about the reasons for your trip,” he added.

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In an interview with luggage The British delegate had already in October announced some activities to be reinforced by the visit of the Colombians.

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“We understand that without the need for a visitor visa We are expanding opportunities for tourism, cultural exchanges, business and sports opportunities and more.”

In addition, Hodgson noted that any additional information in either of these two sections can be found in the file The official website of the British government.

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Santiago Carmona Caraballo.
Political editor of EL TIEMPO.

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