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When life imitates imagination. as in the movie”(El Descanso, its Latin American title) Starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, two women from United State e England The apartments will be temporarily replaced during the end of the year holiday thanks to a viral video From . This is her inspiring story.

“I’m leaving in less than 48 hours and I’m very excited”, Grace Gagnon said of the two-week trip she will be taking on Wednesday, December 29, from Boston to the constituent country of United kingdom And it all started when he watched the 2006 movie in the middle of celebrating Thanksgiving Day.

“I watched The Holiday with my mum so it was new to my mind”He said in statements to Thus, he was encouraged to post a video on tik tok in which asks in his own Narration If someone wanted to copy the piece of tape with it, without imagining what could be done Widely.

Viral video to recreate the plot of ‘The Holiday’

Tweet embed Serious investigations only. Bonus points if you have one hot brother. #Holiday # Boston ♬ holiday theme –

Flo Patterson, the other protagonist of the story

While his video garnered millions of views and plenty of netizen attention, Gagnon revealed that he received one. “wave response” and felt “a little soaked sometime”. One such answer was that of Flo Patterson from the English city of Bath, and in the end, they both decided to exchange apartments.

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“It was surprising for both of us, but I thought why. I think we’ve been locked up for so long, so why not enjoy life and just do it.”Patterson said on a video call with reporter Rachel Holt from the aforementioned TV station about the trip he’s about to take.

While they note that HomeExchange helps make things easier for them, Grace is happy to be able to meet Flo’s family and some friends, as well as stay in her lovely apartment in Bath and experience what her life is like. Patterson said she’s excited about him too “wind changes”.

“Visiting a different city would be a great thing. Seeing the skyscrapers and things like that is amazing. And for Grace, I think it would be great to see the really amazing history of Bath.”Flo notes that when she arrives in Boston, she will have a list of fun things to do that her American host has prepared for her.

“This is crazy. The journey hasn’t even started yet and it has been an amazing experience.”, finished enthusiastic, Grace continues to receive tips, advice and recommendations at tik tok About things to do in Bath and other parts of the UK on your short visit to those lands.

Vacation in real life: Two women from different countries exchange apartments

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