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Studying a college career requires significant expenses and, in most cases, debts that become significant. An excellent example is found in Posted by from the podium . During enrollment, some students indicated the “big” amounts they would pay after graduation.

frequently, William (will_ill) He uses the Asian platform to show his life in medical school. This time, the young man surprised his followers by uploading content about the religion that he and his companions will fall upon in a few years.

“Asking medical students how much they get (…) we’re so broke that it’s really crazy”, The boy wrote, whose video has collected more than 3 million views.

When William approached his friends, they confessed their financial affairs to the camera. The first are Saloman and Yolanda, who announced the lowest amount with 150 thousand dollars Everyone. In the meantime, Tanya’s total became the highest.

As mentioned it is expected that 400 thousand dollarsBecause she is a student from another state. “You might be able to pay it off before you die,” joking William. Many of their colleagues were thrilled to reveal their huge debts.

Controversy on TikTok

In this sense, the behavior of the heroes attracted a lot of attention and generated different opinions. “How are they so informal about it? I would be in a constant state of anxiety if I were in debt.” User wrote.

For his part, another internet user argued that Medical school should be free. Wages have been cut completely and they have a significantly delayed start to income.”.

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