Viral request from fans to Yon de Luisa for Chicharito to return with the tricolor

After the recent opposition of the Mexican national team, a sector of fans asked for the return of Chicharito Hernandez (Photo: Daniel Besrill/Reuters)

Since his career start, the name Javier Hernandez at the Alcazar It was one of the most mentioned games in Mexican football. However, with his separation from the Mexican team and the results so questionable Gerardo Martino He recently had match after match It is remembered again. In fact, with Mexico defeated by the United States, it was unique He requested the return of “Chicharito” to Yon de Luisa.

It was through the platform That petition entitled Chicharito should be called up to the Mexican national team.. Although it was first published on Tuesday, November 9, the disaster against the stars and bars combined gave it validity. Until noon on Saturday 13 November, It already had 750 supporters, as well as 812 signatures.

The author addressed his writing to the president of the Mexican Football Federation (FMF), as well as to the Argentine coach Gerardo stammer Martino. In it, he advocated non-discrimination in the youth squad chivas From Deportivo Guadalajara in calls because of “Compassion and tolerance shall prevail in his cause”, as well as looking at The historical advantages of the green shirt And his achievements in his last season with Los Angeles Galaxy.

The Argentine did not call Gerardo
Argentina’s Gerardo “Tata” Martino has not called up Chivas’ squad despite the absence of Raul Jimenez (Photo: José Méndez / EFE)

“This is how issues of discipline and individuality are invoked They cannot be insurmountable factors for your invitation and your integration into the national team, unless they are compared shortsightedly and unjustly to crimes against humanity. Are your flaws so serious that you are forbidden to wear the national jersey again? ‘ read part of the statement.

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Although the specific reason why Javier Hernandez was separated from the Tricolor team was never revealed, Various sayings and transgressive information confirm that it was due to lack of discipline And situations that, it seems, He sought to impose his interest on the rest of the group. His last participation in one of the national team matches was in 2019, when he lost with Argentina 4-0 at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

During the focus of that tour, a group of soccer players, including Hernandez, I went to a night club. However, according to information from Leon Likanda, the issue has become concerning for the national team board of directors, when Chicharito I was touched by that Two people, who were at the party, who have nothing to do with sports focus, will stay and travel With the rest of the team members for the planned commitments.

The Mexican striker had an erratic move with the Galaxy, although his appearances in the last two seasons have been timely (Image: Twitter/@LAGalaxy)
The Mexican striker had an erratic move with the Galaxy, although his appearances in the last two seasons have been timely (Image: Twitter/@LAGalaxy)

Since then, Javier’s calls to Tricolor have been null. Meanwhile, Yun Di Luisa stated that “It is important that we demand in our jobs, as long as we do it in the right ways and think in the best interest of the group. If two, three or four players want to order something good for the team, this request is welcome. The part we disagree on is when there are individual demands and They put personal interests above the group.”. Despite this, he did not rule out his return.

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For his part, Gerardo Martino was more secretive about this. At one point he declared in a press conference that “The decisions that fall to the president are up to the president. The decisions that fall to the sporting director are made by the sporting director and those that fall to the coach are up to the coach, which is why we work well together.” In this case, the decision is entirely up to the coach (Hernandez’s absence).”

Hernandez has the nickname Top scorer in the history of the national team with 52 goals. Despite that, his last match was on September 7, and it seems that his absence will extend to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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