Villa Clara celebrates the International Week of the Deaf

To this day – which is traditionally held in the last week of September – the special education profession is linked to UCLV’s College of Early Childhood Education every year, this time focusing more on promoting on social networks (Twitter and Facebook) the reality and characteristics of the Cuban deaf community .

Beatriz Rodriguez Rodriguez, Dean of the College and Representative of Villa Clara on the Scientific Council of the National Center for the Overcoming and Development of the Deaf, told ACN exclusively that the work in the networks is also directed at the socialization of research findings that support the need for the legalization of sign language in Cuba and the sharing of the experiences of the student body in Working with children with hearing disabilities.

He also commented that an international virtual scientific conference is currently being developed, in which the territory will participate with five speakers (one of them, a deaf teacher), with studies aimed, above all, at the training of interpreters.

A national virtual committee was also held to share information on the progress made in forming the sign language legalization file, which should soon be submitted to the Ministries of Justice and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, according to the Doctor of Educational Sciences.

Meetings in the communities, exchange of experiences with families of parents and deaf children, as well as continuous advocacy for better social inclusion of people with disabilities, lead to actions in defense of this language group, which is maintained throughout the year and enhanced during this week of celebration, The specialist concluded.

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In line with aspirations to achieve greater improvement for the deaf, to ensure that they have access to better job offers, the profession of special education is also working to increase its proportions of receiving individuals with disabilities: five students (out of a total enrollment of thousands) and a teacher.

The International Week of the Deaf – first held in 1958 – became an initiative of associations of the deaf, which today have members in more than 130 countries, and coincides with the creation of the World Federation of the Deaf and with the International Federation of the Deaf. Sign Languages ​​Day.

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