View the new discoveries that will be displayed at the Lukas Krajjevic Museum of Natural Sciences

Mayor Ricardo Corochet, together with Councilors Veronica McLoughlin and Victoria Lopez, presented new items that will be displayed at the Lukas Krajjevic Museum of Natural Sciences.

McLoughlin expressed that this presentation “is a great joy” and explained that these are “two discoveries that are several years old but were under analysis at the University of La Plata and after corresponding studies, today we have the opportunity to install them in this museum.”

In this sense, he expressed his appreciation for the work promoted by the Department of Paleontology, stressing that “this museum is a source of great pride for us” and inviting the community to visit it.

Victoria Lopez, director of this space, commented: “We have many specimens that we can display today with great joy, and among the discoveries are different types of glyptodonts.”

Then he pointed to the great demand this space has witnessed, noting that, “Since last April, we have received many visits from kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, and they are very happy.” Along these lines, he highlighted the role of the mayor, “who constantly encourages us.”

On the other hand, Lopez noted, “Another great joy is being able to present Marcos Paz’s statues album, Tierra de Mastodontes, which in addition to being an album is a kind of encyclopedia that contains a lot of education not only for children but also for adults.”

Robin Lorenzani, the person responsible for compiling this album, stated that he was “forever grateful to the mayor who knew how to explain the complexity of creating the album and was able to share all the information, both for adults and children.” Children.” At the same time, he added, “The album is attached to the website:”

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Meanwhile, Ricardo congratulated Victoria and the entire museum team for the “great silent work” that is bearing fruit today. “This should fill us with pride as a community,” he said, stressing that it is “detailed work: with specialists from the municipality, the museum and the university.”

Finally, he called on the community to “realize the great value and importance” of these spaces that are visited not only by residents of our city and its schools, but also from neighboring areas.

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