Vietnam’s agroforestry and aquaculture exports increase

This figure represents a 19 percent increase year-on-year, ensuring a solid foundation for achieving the target set for 2024, which is to generate between $55 and $56 billion in foreign sales of these items.

This was assessed by the vice president of that portfolio, Vuong Duc Tien, who attributed the good result for the first six months of the calendar to the performance of seven major product groups: coffee, rubber, rice, fruits and vegetables, cashew nuts, shrimp, and wood articles.

He identified that among those that achieved the largest surplus were timber and wood products, coffee, vegetables, fruits, rice and shrimp.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, 2024 will remain a year of opportunity for rice exports, with demand increasing in key consumer markets in Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia, as well as in China, the United Kingdom and Africa.

On the other hand, exports of fruits and vegetables could break all export records after exceeding, for the first time in history, their income exceeded one billion dollars in the first quarter of the year.


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