Vietnam appreciates the positive visit of the Prime Minister to France

Summing up the stay of the head of government in the lands of Gaul, the Vietnam News Agency (VNA) noted that the two countries reaffirmed the will to deepen their strategic partnership, which was established eight years ago.

In Paris, Minh Chen met with President Emmanuel Macron. Prime Minister Jan Casteks; the presidents of the Senate, Gerald Larch, and Richard Ferran in the National Assembly; and National Secretary of the French Communist Party, Fabien Roussel.

The VNA notes that the parties’ common interest was in strengthening trade exchanges and bilateral cooperation in various fields, a commandment that was also expressed in the ministerial meetings that accompanied the Prime Minister and his French counterparts.

France is Vietnam’s fifth largest trading partner in Europe. In 2020, bilateral trade volume reached $4.81 billion. It is also the third in the old continent in terms of investments in the state of Indochina (605 projects with a capital of 3600 million dollars).

With regard to regional and international issues, the VNA emphasized that the parties called for strengthening relations between the European Union and the Indo-China state, and between the European bloc and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

Previously, in the United Kingdom, Minh Chen participated in the Climate Change Summit and made a working visit to that country.


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