Video: Events in Chile after the rejection of the new constitution

They lived hard hours Chili pepper This Sunday night, when “no” to Constitutional reform After hysteria Referendum wanted. Activists who advocated for the new constitution smashed the Alameda, Santiago’s main street.

This is what the site says note. Its director, Santiago Monteferos, took the pictures from the streets of the Chilean capital. In the video, you can see how faucet trucks disperse water protesters. According to the same method, stones were seen on mechanisms in the area and respression Randomness by vehicles Carbinery.

Alameda Hotels were warned of the approaching destruction and fires in the area, so they preemptively evacuated the passengers. As planned, the militants pretended to “yes” after beats in the ballot.

The A referendum on the Constitution overpowered rejection to me Reformation From Chile’s Magna Carta. After 99.4% of the votes were counted, it was imposed Sunday night with a “no” with 61.88% of the valid votes against 38.12% in favor of a change constitution.

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The Chileans They went to the polls to make a decision Referendum Whether they accept or reject the draft constitution It was developed to replace the current Magna Carta, which was ratified during the last dictatorship (1973-90). Opinion polls predicted a majority disapproval, and it was.

Once the result was known, the rejectionists celebrated in convoys. They can be seen on the streets of different sections of the capital and other cities of the country, with Chilean flags and horns honking.

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