Vice President of El Salvador approves anti-gang policy

The second man in the Salvadoran government said that in the past decade, citizens were not able to go out to the streets or visit their relatives, because gangs were controlling the communities, and thanks to the emergency system, the situation changed radically in the country.

In statements reported by Diario El Salvador, the senior official stated that “an important part of the achievements in the fight against gangs lies in the use of the database of criminals, which the National Civil Police has compiled for years.”

Regarding the accusations of organizations claiming to defend human rights in the face of alleged violations and lack of freedom of movement, the Vice President stressed that they are part of a political agenda and a “temporary method” for the aforementioned institutions.

He stressed that my response to these two organizations, which are headquartered in Washington and the other in London, which have begun to generate the entire narrative against the government and our security policies, is that they first do a proportional examination of the number of people whose lives and human rights have been saved through our policy. He confirmed that there are millions.

He added that the database is up to date. It has more than 70 types of profiles of gang members at different levels of the structure. This allowed the successful arrest of more than 74 thousand criminals and 13 out of 15 bosses (ringleaders) of MS.

It highlighted the outcome of Salvadoran intelligence work, without the need to receive advice from other countries or international organizations.

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He said that public freedoms are guaranteed in El Salvador, as only two guarantees are individual in nature and affect those suspected of belonging to criminal structures.

The emergency law does not affect any public freedoms, neither today nor when it was issued, because the state of emergency and the president said so [Nayib Bukele] He pointed out that it will clearly affect criminal structures.


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