Venezuelan immigrant wins his tattoo in West Hollywood

Mexico City, January 15, 2022. – Jose Contreras, a young Venezuelan immigrant who, due to his designs and ability to take pictures with ink on the skin, is known as the “tattoo magician” of West Hollywood, in Los Angeles, California.

This perfect detailing person who has won invitations from famous tattoo studios in France, the US and the UK, is currently working at “Ganga Tattoos” in the exclusive West Hollywood district.

On an ordinary day, it is not uncommon to see famous artistic and sportsmen such as singer Drake, basketball player LeBron James, and Mexican boxing champion Sail “Canelo” Alvarez, among others.

Although Contreras today enjoys great prestige in his designs, his beginnings were not easy in the Caracas neighborhoods of his native Venezuela.

This immigrant began his career in 2007 doing drawings and body alterations at Mithos Tattoo, a tattoo and permanent makeup site in Caracas, where he won the New Artist of the Year award.

Three years later (2010), he moved to Argentina for a year and worked with local artists. By 2012, his designs began to be very popular in many countries, including France, where he was invited to exhibit his work by MBA (My Body Art Studio).

His style of drawing, and his perfection in detail, led to him being invited to work at “No Regrets Tattoo Studio” in the UK (Cheltenham, UK) at the Nordic Ink Festival (Aalborg, Denmark) at the Tattoo Conference 2015.

He also spent three years working at “Last Rites Tattoo” in New York, one of the most popular places in the United States, before settling in West Hollywood where today he enjoys a prestige among local celebrities who love the craft of ink. The skin that this immigrant has.

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