Venezuela declared the EU ambassador a “persona non grata” and gave her 72 hours to leave the country

Ambassador of the European Union to Venezuela, Isabel Brillante Pedrosa. Photo: TwitterCancilleriaVE.

Venezuela declared persona non grata, the European Union’s ambassador to the South American country, Isabel Briollhant Pedrosa, and She gave him 72 hours to leave the area.

In statements to the press, Venezuela’s Foreign Minister, Jorge Ariza, personally delivered Brillhant the message, which he told him to leave the country, after a meeting at the Foreign Ministry headquarters in Caracas.

“We are doing it because circumstances require it,” Areza said, commenting that there are already 55 EU sanctions against Venezuela.

The decision is known after last Monday, The Council of the European Union will add 19 Venezuelan officials to its “List of Persons Subject to Restrictions” For its role in actions and decisions that undermine democracy and the rule of law in the country, or as a result of gross violations of human rights.

These measures were imposed after the European Union, at the beginning of the year, classified the legislative elections that took place on December 6 in Venezuela as “credible, inclusive and transparent”, with Chavezmo winning 256 of the 277 seats in Parliament.

“this is unacceptable”

In this regard, Ariza indicated that These measures were taken “suddenly”, despite the fact that last year stable contacts were achieved with the High Representative for External Relations of the European Union, Josep Borrell.And that Venezuela make every effort of the state “to consolidate democratic coexistence in the country.”

He added, “It is really unacceptable. President (Nicolas) Maduro was generous in allowing the heads of missions and missions, including the heads of mission of the European Union, to remain in Venezuela, when they ignored him in February 2019.” The Minister of Foreign Affairs, referring to the time when these countries stopped recognizing the current Venezuelan president, to give their support to the then-deputy and self-appointed “interim president” Juan Guaidó.

Ariaza added that in the European Union “they believe they are the center of the world” and “they are nothing more than ancient Europe, where the worst conflicts occurred, the worst wars took place, and where did those who committed the worst genocide in Africa and here in Latin America come from.”

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The chancellor said that in a conversation with Briollhant, he called on the European Union to think “so that they can extinguish these arrogant and intertwining positions” and thus “rebuild bridges of understanding and dialogue”.

The position of other institutions

Among those approved by the European Union in its recent decision are the electoral authority authoritiesThe Security Forces, the Supreme Court of Justice and the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB).

The President of the Supreme Court of Venezuela, Michael Moreno, “firmly and categorically rejected” the recent European Union sanctions, noting that this body “has placed itself outside international law, recognized by civilized countries, by trying to direct and evaluate the performance of Venezuelan officials.”

For his part, the National Assembly agreed to an agreement to reject the coercive measures and asked the executive branch to declare Briollhant a “persona non grata”.

Representative Ileana Medina, who was responsible for making the proposal, said, “The work of the European Union at this time responds to a philosophical vision of disrespect and ownership of the free nations of the world.”

(With information from RT)

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