Venezuela condemns at UNESCO the impact of the embargo on education

PARIS, June 30 (PRENSA LATINA) The Deputy Minister of Educational Communities and the Union with the People of Venezuela, Wiquelman Angel Paredes, today denounced at UNESCO the effects on education of the unilateral coercive measures applied against his country.

In an interview with Prensa Latina, he noted that the hostile policy of the United States towards the South American nation, which he considered to be involved in efforts to build a better world, with comprehensive and quality education as one of the pillars of this path, makes no sense.

We have come with a strong message about the aspects that the United Nations system cannot leave invisible, in particular the unilateral coercive actions of the United States against some of the peoples of Latin America, he said.

The day before, speaking on the second day of the Education Summit organized by UNESCO in this capital, the head of the National Institute for Socialist Training and Education (INCES) also warned that Venezuela was facing two epidemics at the same time, Covid-19 and imperialism with its criminal sanctions.

According to Angel Paredes, the forum that ends today is of great importance, for its call for a change in education and for the space given to young people, an element in his opinion that gives strength and freshness to the discussions.

He explained that Venezuela supports this transformation, which includes exploring different approaches and adapting to developments in information and communication technologies, at a time when the pandemic has put the need for change on the table.

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The Deputy Minister of Educational Communities and Union with the People insisted that the desired transformations should promote education as a right and a public good.

In the context of the pre-UNESCO Summit, in preparation for the high-level event that will host the United Nations General Assembly in September, Ángel Paredes conducted bilateral exchanges with authorities from the education sector in Cuba and Turkey, among others.


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