Vegetarian January: Veganware launches its 2023 campaign with iconic global faces

· From December 7, registrations will open to join the 2023 campaign, thus receiving all the tips and accompaniments for trying a vegan lifestyle in January.

· This year, the global organization is celebrating 10 years since its first campaign in England, and seeks to promote hope for the planet and the animals that eating a plant-based diet brings.

The Vegan Campaign, the global campaign to try to be vegan during January and beyond, has opened registrations to join its 2023 campaign. For this new edition of Vegan January, the worldwide organization and with it an active campaign in Latin America, It seeks to raise awareness about the positive effects of eating a plant-based diet for the planet – and halting the effects of climate change – and for animals.

Which consists? Vegan provides all the information and practical support to make the transition to veganism as easy and enjoyable as possible, all month long. Participants can register at vegetarian They are then supported by a series of emails – one per day throughout January – with different content, information and recipes for implementing this diet change.

2023 participants will also receive a digital starter book containing all the essential background information on veganism, as well as a digital cookbook with recipes from famous celebrities which this year features the participation of Anitta, an award-winning Brazilian singer and artist. She seeks to “surround” all participants with delicious vegetarian recipes. Other celebrities who have shared their recipes this year include Xuxa, Evanna Lynch, Alicia Silverstone, and Dr. Jane Goodall, among many others.

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In addition, famous local faces will support “Vegano January”, such as Chile’s Eliana Albasetti and Wilma González; Kathy Moscoso in Colombia; Gaston Pauls, Liz Solari, Gerardo Chindo and Leo Montero in Argentina; Marco Antonio Regil in Mexico; and Shuxa and Hana Khalil in Brazil. On a global level, new ambassadors such as Lucy Watson, former star of British series Made in Chelsea, and Femke Janssen, star of X-Men and Taken, are also joining.

“More and more people are becoming aware that the future of animals and the planet is both on our plates, in our food, and vegetarianism is becoming more important every day. On Vegan January, we specifically seek to motivate and support all those who want to try a plant-based diet to make a difference. Change. Many people have already done this for the planet, for their own health or for the animals. Vegan is here to help you put your hopes into action.”Mauricio Serrano, Director of Vegan Vegetarian Vegetarian Vegetarian Latin America.

In Latin America, Vegan also highlights alliances with important organizations such as EligeVeg in Mexico, Animal Libre in Chile and Argentina; As well as the SOS Animals Collaboration in Columbia.

This year, Veganeshwari is celebrating ten years since its first campaign in the UK, preaching the hope we can achieve through veganism.

overall effect

According to data from The Vegan Calculator, a month of vegan activity for a person is equivalent to saving more than 124,000 liters of water and 273 kilograms of carbon dioxide. Critical elements for combating climate change.

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Because of this, more and more people decide to change their diet. With Vegan alone, nearly 2.5 million people, from nearly every country in the world, have officially participated in “Vegan January” since its launch in 2014. With campaign centers in Germany, the United States, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, India and the United Kingdom, Vegan has become a true global phenomenon. .


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