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Relationships between neighbors are not always easy. But when it comes to possessions, maintaining a cordial relationship is essential on a daily basis. This is not the case of Val Horton, a citizen who has been in conflict with her neighbor for more than 20 years for an unprecedented reason.

Horton He lives in a bungalow in Somerset, England, in United kingdom. The woman liked her house upstairs Salisbury HillBecause it has a panoramic view of nature. But, since 2001, this privilege has been lost due to an action from his neighbor Valery Vivian.

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The Hill was honored in 1977 by the British singer Peter Gabriel In one of his songs of the same name, he says: “I could see the city lights. The wind blew, time stopped, an eagle flew into the night. It was an amazing sight. something Horton It hasn’t been thought of in over 20 years.

It turns out Vivian plant a row of trees from a kind of lylandi On the outskirts of her house that covers the view of her neighbor’s garden completely. Over time, in addition, they became taller, .

Val Horton can no longer enjoy the views from Solsbury Hill. / Southwest News Service

During the past two decades, Horton He has complained countless times to Somerset Northeast Council, but has never gotten a solution. The newspaper pointed out that the councils can according to the anti-social behavior law Request to cut long ‘offensive’ hedges if they constitute a ‘barrier to light or access’. but homes Horton And the neighboring trees get enough sunlight even with a row of trees.

Betty Kelly, a local, dived in with Horton In this long dispute until he passed away two years ago. The problem of removing these trees was too big for some Poor Betty died without seeing it solvedVal said in statements to the aforementioned broker.


“It happens for so long that everyone We are completely exhausted from the fight. terrible. They grew up very quickly. “Before I could grow vegetables in my garden, it is now impossible because trees block all sunlight in that area,” said the sufferers.

Views from Val Horton's home.
Views from Val Horton’s home. / Southwest News Service

Along the same lines, he recalls: “When there were no conifers, it was a wonderful viewpoint. It was great to sit in the dining room and enjoy the views. Since then, new people have moved to the area, but this is not a problem for them because the trees were already there when they bought their homes. They don’t know how beautiful the views were from Solsbury Hill before that”.

The woman mentioned that originally there were three groups of trees in a row, but recently I knocked Vivian down the middle row. “It didn’t make any difference, because the ones at the bottom of our lawns are still there,” he said.

Neighbor Vivian planted a row of trees, blocking the view of the houses.
Neighbor Vivian planted a row of trees, blocking the view of the houses. / Southwest News Service

Vivian preferred not to make statements to the newspaper. While, Horton Still lamenting the situation. “This has had a huge impact on our lives. Looking and seeing a forest of trees is very shocking. But sometimes you have to admit defeat and that moment has come for me.”

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