Users in the US and UK will have to watch ads or pay more

Netflix is ​​canceling its basic ad-free plan in the US and UK, a report Rope busters. With this move, Netflix changes its strategy and focuses on its goals Standard plan with ads (Rebranded from “Basic with Ads”), which is currently the cheapest, to boost adoption and generate more ad revenue.

Without the basic plan, no ads, new subscribers in the US and UK They will have to watch ads or pay more to skip ads. The standard ad-free plan is priced at £10.99 in the UK and $15.49 in the US, a significant increase from the now-cancelled plan's cost of £6.99 and $9.99.

On the Netflix pages for both countries, users who currently have the basic ad-free plan are identified, They will keep you active until they change your plans or cancel your account. New users are those who will no longer have access to this plan, and will instead have to contract with one of the remaining plans: Standard with Ads ($6.99 / £4.99), Standard ($15.99 / £10.99), and Premium ($19.99/£15.99).

This move by Netflix is ​​not new. Last month, it scrapped the basic no-ad plan in Canada, the first country where it implemented what could be considered a test, before moving to other regions.

In Mexico, Netflix keeps the basic plan active without adsAs it appears in his book Support pageand remains the most economical option for viewing content without ads:

  • Standard with ads: 99 pesos per month
  • Basic: 139 pesos per month
  • Standard: 219 pesos per month, with the ability to add additional members for 69 pesos per month each
  • Premium: 299 pesos per month, with the ability to add additional members for 69 pesos per month each
Netflix cancels Basic plan in USA and UKNetflix cancels Basic plan in USA and UK

However, although there are no changes in Netflix plans in our country, The basic ad-free plan may soon be removed in Mexico. This change in Netflix's strategy shows that the platform wants to fully focus on its new standard plan with ads to make the most of it and generate more income.

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Finally, this move complements Netflix's strategy to prevent account sharing, which was recently implemented around the world, and it is important to note that the standard plan has also recently been improved with ads and It is currently a cheaper option with better image quality From the basic plan itself.

According to the latest reports, Netflix's strategy has worked well New subscribers added.

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