USA | Joe Biden wants to “finish the job” by being re-elected as president in 2024

Joe Biden He wants to stay for another four years in the White House and has announced his candidacy for the US presidential elections in 2024, in which he may repeat and face the confrontation in 2020. Donald Trump.

Indifferent to criticism about his advanced age (Biden will be 81 at election time), the president maintains that it is imperative to finish the work he has begun:

“Our economic plan is working. Now we have to finish the job, but there’s more to do, and you’re leading the way: shovels in the ground, jacks in the air, opening factories and all those jobs we’ve created.”Biden told an excited crowd, who responded by shouting “Four more years!”

On the street, opinions are divided on whether or not Biden is in good shape for another term:

“Old and young, if your mind is sound, if your health is good, it really doesn’t matter, your age doesn’t really matter.”Sees a Biden supporter in New York.

“I think he’s too old to run. He may be in good health now, but who knows, six years from now, what he’ll look like. So I think it’s time for him to resign.”said a Connecticut voter originally from South Africa.

If Biden has no competition on the Democratic side, Donald Trump on the Republican side is the most popular candidate … Former Ambassador to the UN Nikki Hi He has also made his candidacy official… But the greatest danger to Joe Biden may be, according to some analysts, the ultraconservative Ron DeSantisFlorida governor, a rising star of the American right, has yet to formally accept his candidacy.

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