US recommends ‘no travel’ to UK due to surge in Covid-19 infections

Ministry of Foreign Affairs United State The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Monday issued maximum alert levels against Traveling in the UK, due to the increasing number of Covid-19 cases in that country.

Developed the two agencies UK on ‘Level 4’ warning, which tells US citizens that they should not travel to the country.

“If you have to travel to the UK, make sure you are fully vaccinated,” the CDC said in its advisory report, while the Foreign Office said: “Do not travel to the UK due to Covid-19.”

In May, the US government lowered the UK’s travel alert scale, leaving it at “Level 3” indicating that advice should be sought in the event of an emergency.

The Covid-19 cases They number more than 50,000 a day in the UK and the authorities are asking hundreds of thousands of Britons to agree to a voluntary 10-day quarantine.

Since March 2020, the US has banned almost all non-US citizens who have recently visited the UK from entering the country.

Britain It allows visits to the US, but requires a 10-day quarantine on arrival and two negative Covid-19 tests.

Officials and US airline executives do not expect to lift restrictions on travelers from the UK until August at the earliest, and warn that the relaxation of the rules could be delayed further.

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