US Open Golf Championship vs. Roland Garros: The comparison that shows how a major championship and a Grand Slam tournament distribute their money to the champions of the game

The world continues to recover from the effects of the quarantine. One of them, which is the most famous in economics, is inflation, which attacks countries that had almost no inflation, especially those in the West in the Northern Hemisphere. In this context, some sports competitions have increased their prize money this year, exceeding the increase in the cost of living. That is, for their heroes, they are more profitable in real terms.

Two very prestigious. he US Open Championship Is it Main to golf which is now developing, in Los Angeles Country Clubwill conclude on Sunday; Roland Garros It’s a contest Grand Slam Latest: Ended 1 week ago. Well worth a look comparing the two.

Windham Clark is one of the two leaders in the US Open one day to go; If he wins, he will receive 43% more money than Djokovic in Paris.George Walker IV – AP

he US Open Championship This Saturday announced that this year Increase rewards accessible to its participants. Of the $17,500,000 for 2022 I went to 20,000,000 In 2023, one up 14.2%. he French Open Doing something similar, to the tune of 49,600,000 euros, comparable to $5,427,312a up 12.3%. In either case, well above the annual inflation rates of the respective countries.

championship Tennis He gives much more money in total, 2.7 times, than his own peerIt includes competitions for women, doubles and wheelchair players. But the prize money for the men’s singles draw is comparable to that of the US Open golf tournament.

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he hero from the latter now $3,600,000, versus the 3,150,000 that Matt Fitzpatrick claimed as the winner for 2022 (a 14.2% increase, the same as the entire championship). how much did he take Novak Djokovic Last Sunday when the Knights lifted the trophy? From 2,300,000 euros, which became $2,516,706. The champion in Los Angeles will receive 43% more money than the champion in Paris. The difference widens greatly between each of them Seconds: The shooting guard on the PGA Tour will charge $2,160,000And 71.6% more than a losing finalist in an ITF competition, Casper Roadwho received 1,150,000 euros, ie $1,258,353.

the size of the bonuses announced by the US Open on Saturday for the 61 professionals who made the cut in qualifying; Those who are not successful will each receive $10,000.

Every position in the US Open world rankings Among those who passed the cut Qualifying (61 professionals this time) The number is different. instead of, The reward in tennis is the same for everyone depending on the stage they have reached: Those who lose in the semi-finals, 630 thousand euros, exchangeable for $689,358.6; Those who made it to the quarterfinals, like the Argentine Thomas Martin Echeverry400,000 Euros which equals $437,688, And so on. A demonstrable parallel is the average of a third ($1,413,430) and a fourth ($990,867) in California with tennis players saying goodbye in half From Internationaux de France, this rate is favorable for its golfers 90.8%. It falls a bit on the next step, but it’s still very suitable for men on the PGA Tour: their average fifth to eighth-place combined is 75.4% higher than each quarter-final loser gets on clay.

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Golf tournament yes Equal in financial revenge for all those who have been marginalized by the cutwhich in this case resulted in more than half of the batch of professional competitors (76 out of 137): each of them would get $10,000. On the other hand, in France, each of those who were expelled in the first round, 64 tennis players out of 128, received 69 thousand euros, which is equivalent to $75,500. This is it 50% of the total number of traditional male tennis players at Roland Garros seizes 7.55 times the amount of money that it 55.4% behind the board of directors of the US Open.

Prize distribution varies at Roland Garros, which does not distinguish between final positions but between stages passed in the draw.

so by saying, A tennis tournament distributes the money among the participants more evenly than a golf tournamentwhich More generous reward for the Almighty. It must be remembered that tennis players tour the world much longer than golfers, who perform mostly in the United States and, to a lesser extent, in some competitions in Europe.

Anyway, and despite 128 years of inflation, the numbers for the champions of the third major race of the season are much stronger than those for that. First US Open Championshipin which Champion Horace Rollins won $150. Amateur times, of course.


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