US and UK analyze 'safe' release of hostages in Gaza

he US Secretary of State Anthony BlinkenThis Sunday, I talked to him His British counterpart, David Cameronregarding the ongoing negotiations between Israel and the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) to reach a release “security” hostages and increased delivery of humanitarian aid.

“(Cameron) briefed Secretary Blinken on his meetings in Israel and the West Bank, and they discussed ongoing efforts to secure Release all hostages and achieve a humanitarian truce that allows more humanitarian aid to be delivered to civilians in Gaza.”reads a statement published by State Department spokesman Matthew Miller.

In addition, they also addressed the issue of security in the Red Sea, where Yemen's Houthi rebels are launching “unlawful and reckless” attacks against ships they see as linked to Israel, the US and the UK as a measure of support for them. The Palestinian issue, and that Washington and London responded with bombings against militant sites.

Regarding Ukraine, both parties committed to continuing to strongly support Kiev, which is awaiting US approval of a new military aid package.

Finally, Blinken congratulated Cameron on the victory “Successful agreement” This was achieved in Northern Ireland, which meant the restoration of independent institutions after the coalition government agreement between the Irish nationalist Sinn Féin and the Democratic Unionist Party.

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