Uruguay's new political parties will compete in the elections

The elections will be held next October 27, and will determine the presidential candidate who must obtain more than 50 plus one percentage of the votes.

The second round of the presidential duo will take place on Sunday, November 24, between the candidates who received the largest number of votes in the first round.

Before that, internal elections on Sunday, June 30, will determine the presidential and legislative candidates.

According to Korzyniak, there are 22 parties registered with the Electoral Court, including 11 licensed parties, and the majority enjoy parliamentary representation.

The Labor Party, the Animal Green Party and the Digital Party were registered despite not holding seats in the legislature.

Other political organizations already authorized to compete are Pasta Ya and Identidad Soprana. The Libertarian Party of Uruguay, and the Constitutional Environmental Party.

There are other requests awaiting court approval, including the latest request, which is from the Wisam Party.

The majority of these ambitious groups are seeking parliamentary seats.

According to the Minister of Elections, the licensed parties will be determined in May by the court.

The latest opinion polls, conducted as of December and averaged over the previous year, indicate that the opposition Front Amplio (Left Alliance, FA), and its two main presidential candidates, are the favorites.

But it is an early reading in a conflict that must be closed.

In 2019, the Football Association won in the first round and the current government coalition ended in the second round, which is why President Louis Lacalle Pau has been in power since the first day of March 2020.

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On the left in Uruguay, they are working so that history does not repeat itself. Opinion polls so far confirm these efforts.


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