Urgent vaccination against Covid-19 countries in Southeast Asia – Prensa Latina

In recent weeks, most countries in the region have had records of cases and deaths under the influence of the delta variable and their hospitals are overcrowded, said Alexander Matthew, director of the movement in Asia and the Pacific.

However, he cautioned that vaccination campaigns are being delayed in almost all cases due to the notorious shortage of injections.

He noted that while Canada, Spain and Great Britain have fully immunized more than 60 percent of their citizens, and the United States more than half, that rate is barely 10 percent in Indonesia and the Philippines, the two most populous countries in the world. . Asia.

Matthew said that richer countries should urgently share their surplus vaccines with those in this region, and large production companies and governments should provide them with injection technologies.

In Southeast Asia, the countries with the highest number of infections and deaths from Covid-19 are:

Indonesia (three million 908 thousand 247 cases / 121 thousand 141 deaths)

Philippines (1 million 776 thousand 495 cases / 30 thousand 623 deaths)

Malaysia (1 million 444 thousand 270 cases / 13 thousand 77 deaths)

Thailand (968,957 cases / 8,285 deaths)

Myanmar (360,291 cases / 13,623 deaths)

Vietnam (293,301 cases / 6,472 deaths)

Cambodia (87,190 cases / 1,730 deaths)

Singapore (66,334 cases/45 deaths).

Laos (10,648 cases / nine deaths)

Brunei (946 injuries / three deaths)

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