UPV in Alcoy awards 20 ESO 4th year science students for their records

A total of 20 science students from the fourth year of ESO . attended Winners of the third cycle of the Future Awards Organized by the Alcoy Campus of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV). Plaza Ferrándiz y Carbonell was where these awards were awarded, which the university values ​​as “really standardized” awards.

20 students from Alcoy, Villena, Mutxamel and Bocairent been granted. The students were accompanied by relatives, friends, directors of their centers and staff of the educational communities. The winners received a diploma, a personal trophy, and marketing on campus.

The Future Awards were born with the intention of recognizing the efforts of the students, as noted by UPV. While handing out the degrees, the campus commended the work of teachers and family members.

Relatives and directors of institutes during the award ceremony. Information

The event was emotionally charged as the students received recognition from the director of UPV’s Alcoy Campus, Pau Bernabeu. On behalf of Alcoy City Council, Employment, Training and Business Consultant, Alberto Belda; Education and Environment Consultant, Jordi Sylvester; and various members of the Municipal Corporation and the Campus Management Team. The verb was submitted by Jose Mingoalfrom the campus communication area.

Alberto Belda in his speech noted, “It is with great pride that you have such a wonderful quarry, especially in the scientific field, and we are confident that each of them will develop their talents to the fullest.” In addition to congratulating the award-winning students and their families, the mayor commended the work of the schools “which have enhanced and ensured the quality of training needed to achieve these good academic results.”

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For his part, Pau Bernabeu noted, “We would like all of us to be here at a reasonable time and this You were an Alcoy campus student from UPV. We work for it and we want it.” The Bernabeu does not want to forget the “teachers and families who stand by them in one of the most complex phases of their lives”.

The winners are the following twenty, who have taken the best records from each of their institutes: Rossio Pineda Jiménez, of IES L’Alluser; Luna Pastor Royo, from IES Mutxamel; Andres Sanchez Pagan, of IES Las Fuentes; Daniel Regel Sanchez, of IES Hermanos Amorós; Lucas López Domain of IES Navarro Santafé; Amàlia Vañó Ballester, from IES Bocairent; Laya Espe Barbera, from Colegio Santa Ana; Aitana Martinez Clement, of St. Rock School; Ana Isabel Miro Iniesta and Lauriani Elena Paredes Matteo, of Colegio Salesianos San Vicente Ferrer; Ángel Cambra Nadal, from Colegio San Vicente de Paul; Nicolás Montava Pascual and Alba Botí Campillo, from Colegio Salesianos Juan XXIII; Marisa Sele Janagomez, of the Sagrada Familia-Esclavas School; Pau Gutierrez Molina, from Colegio La Salle; Muhammed Al Habib Multala from La Prenchen School. Arnao Baia Romeo, of José Arnoda School; Silvia Medina Linares, from IES Andreu Sempere; Aitana Colomina Richart, of IES Pare Vitòria; and Maria Ramirez Rodriguez, of IES Cotes Baixes.

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