UNLP Internship Offer UNLP students will conduct an internship at Ombudsman’s Office

From the agreement signed between the organization led by Guido Lorenzino, and UNLP’s Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences, students begin their experience of being part of and learning how different areas work in the different situations that enter the Ombudsman’s office.

The presentation was attended by the Ombudsman of the Province of Buenos Aires, Marcelo Rachati, Secretary of the Ombudsman Unit; Gaston Arias, General Services Secretary; Jose Echeverria, Legal and Technical Secretary; Federico Santarelli, Secretary of Attention and Direction; Jerónimo Guerrero Iraola, Defender Unit Manager, and Germain Jorgegui, Manager, Administrative Procedures. The session was also attended by Erica Pintos, Academic Secretary of the College of Legal and Social Sciences.

The proposal, which will be implemented through June, focuses so that students go through the different work areas, familiarizing themselves with internal administrative processes and legal procedures in presenting cases.

Among the areas are Consumers and Users, Disability, Health Users, Children and LGTBI+, Conflict Management, Public Services, Habitat, Land and Housing Equality Policies, and the Observatory of Gender and Human Rights Policy.

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