University students graduate in engineering and biomedical sciences from UACJ – El Heraldo de Juárez

In recognition of the commitment and educational effort they have made throughout their university studies, this university held a graduation ceremony for engineers, graduates, teachers and doctors new to the university. Generation August – December 2023.

It was the headquarters university gym, This university celebration was held, bringing together family, friends, university and government bodies.

The event was held last Wednesday to honor her professional accomplishmentA total of 475 graduates of the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez.

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Out of the total graduates, 291 did their academic training at IIT and 184 at Institute of Biomedical Sciences (ICB).

he University President Juan Ignacio Camargo NasarIn his welcome and congratulatory message, he said that in this exercise of accountability, the community is given another generation of graduates who will come to contribute to the continued building of the nation. One of the most prosperous and largest projected projects in the country.

Mayor, cruz Perez Cuellar, He told the graduates that this is an important moment in their lives, full of possibilities and lessons.

The mayor of this border said: “Congratulations on this remarkable achievement. The world is eagerly awaiting your contributions.”

Computer Systems Engineer Now, Catherine Marroquin HernandezHe was responsible for sending a message to those attending who had completed their studies.

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In his message addressed to this new generation of graduates, he stressed that “at this moment every fruit of the dedication and commitment they have made to their university studies is celebrated.”

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He added that his presence here at his graduation ceremony is evidence that “we have the ability to achieve our goals.” This is a start A bright and successful future.

“Congratulations to you and to those who supported us along the way,” were his last words as he headed to his seat and shared the joy of finishing his studies with his colleagues.

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