University President Pablo Vera Salazar has been honored by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

This honor honors his leadership and commitment to the inclusive, equitable and innovative development of the Caribbean and Colombia, by promoting scientific production, knowledge generation, fostering social appropriations, and bringing about positive changes in society.

With great joy, Dr. Pablo Vera Salazar received laudation: “I am grateful that the Ministry of Science appreciates the effort that we at the Universidad del Magdalena to contribute to innovation, research and the inclusion of thousands of young people who achieve dreams of changing their lives.”

In his five years in office, between the two terms: 2016-2020 “For a more inclusive and innovative university” and 2020-2024 “a more inclusive and innovative university,” Rector Pablo Vera has worked for the positive transformation of the region and the generation of opportunities for young people.

Through the strategic guidance of University President Pablo Vera Salazar, Magdalena University has secured greater funding for projects that affect the Caribbean, generating and promoting research that is subsequently transferred to communities, local businesses and small producers, making meaningful science and social commitment.

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