Universe on Earth from Star Wars: Countries in which the saga was filmed

May is the month of the Star Wars universe. And not only because “Star Wars Day” is celebrated at the beginning of the month, exactly on May 4, but also because of the The first six films of George Lucas’ saga came out intriguingly this month. Exactly the first of them in 44 years.

Also, we’ll talk about The highest movie franchise From history if Marvel hadn’t been able to produce more than 20 movies in less than 15 years. And those that will remain in the future. With this panorama, Star Wars ranks second with $ 10,320 million raised, far from 22,890 MCUs.

Hoth, Yavin 4, Napo, Tatooine or Indore These are some of the plans the Star Wars heroes traveled in on their adventures, although they are clearly all part of one: Planet Earth. In this sense, Statista shares a map with the real locations used in the various depictions of the saga that Europe stands out as the most frequent continent.

Norway, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, Italy or Croatia They are some of the countries that have hosted some of the shootings but have resorted to them as well USA, Guatemala, Bolivia, Tunisia, China, Australia. All of these countries have peculiarities, either through landscapes or buildings, that have created a diverse galaxy.

Regarding Spain, The Plaza de España environment in Seville was used to designate Naboo, specifically its capital, Theed in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. However, a little bit of tech makeup was also used to finish off giving it the desired result.

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