United States yes, Canada and Mexico no

by Hector Cantu

Facing the 2026 World Cup, the best project is the United States project

Qatar 2022 has become a real nightmare for CONCACAF, an organization that has fielded four competitors, two of whom have been completely eliminated.

While the Stars and Stripes continue to enjoy the fruits of hard work since 2018, when they did not attend the World Cup in Russia, an event that meant a turning point for the restructuring of football’s highest domes. Canada and Mexico have followed different paths.

The Maple Leafs chose to solidify a group of players who pulled off an upset in the area game, but who ended up being eliminated in the World Cup.

Mexico lost again in the group stage more than four decades later after finishing third. Goal difference ended up putting an end to the project he was running under the tutelage of Gerardo “Tata” Martino four years after Mexico hosted the World Cup.

Mexico became the team that showed the least future prospects. Canada affected the inexperience of its players and what it was like to play the World Cup.

Few things have come out of Mexico from those who have worked in the past with a team that was losing the support it once showed towards the Argentine coach’s project.

Not knowing what is happening with Costa Rica, which was crushed in its bid by Spain, the figures for Qatar show that the region has taken a step back. It is going through a moment of instability from which only the United States has emerged alive.

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