United States: The Senate confirms the constitutionality of Donald Trump’s accountability

Pro-Trump demonstrators storm the US Capitol building in Washington, DC, USA, January 6, 2021.

The US Senate confirmed, Tuesday, by vote, the constitutionality of the trial to impeach former President Donald Trump on charges of “inciting disobedience”, following the events that occurred on January 6 during the assault on the Capitol building, while validating Joe Biden’s victory.

Prosecutors at the House impeachment trial (the so-called “accountability directors”) discussed Tuesday with Trump’s attorneys, David Schwen and Bruce Castor, If the process complies with the constitution, bearing in mind that Trump is no longer in office.

56 senators, including 6 from the Republican Party, voted in favor of the legality of the trial, while 44 were opposed.

This Wednesday, the two parties will begin presenting their caseThey will have 16 hours over four days to do this. The total trial is expected to last no more than a week.

Trump faces his second impeachment, being the first US president to be subjected to this measure twice in a period.

The US House of Representatives approved the impeachment of Trump on January 13. The initiative was supported by 232 members of the Chamber, while 197 members expressed their rejection. Of the votes in favor of “impeachment,” 10 were from the Republican Party, representing a record number of members of Congress who voted against their party leader.

(With information from RT in Spanish)

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