United States: $500,000 worth of Apple Store products were stolen

Apple store robbery, apple storefront
Apple Store employees noticed the theft until the next day. Photo: AFP

from about $500,000 worth of merchandise was a loot for a robbery committed in Washington state, in the United States, where thieves entered an Apple Store. Through a hole in the bathroom of an adjacent shop.

What happened in the Apple Store?

As reported by the Linwood City Police Department, the attackers More than 400 lots were moved during the night of Sunday April 2, when Alderwood Mall was closedwithout leaving a mark, in a fact that is already being investigated.

And it is that according to reports, the criminals F.MThey closed the door to the Seattle Coffee Gear, in which they made a hole 60 by 45 cm in size, through which they got into the Apple Store warehouseComplete circumvention of security systems.

Likewise, Apple Store employees confirmed that they discovered the theft until Monday morning, when they arrived at the building and saw the hole in the wall, while local police He described the robbery as complex and organized, because in addition to the lack of fingerprints, the perpetrators entered masked. to avoid recognition.

While it is estimated from the local warehouse 436 iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch models were stolenWhile in the building next door, where they had gained entry, damage was estimated at two thousand dollars in repairs.

While, although the authorities are actually investigating in fact, yet No suspects have been arrestedAs the mall and the police work together to find those responsible for this unprecedented event.

Given this, even A $1,000 reward is offered for information leading to the capture of the criminals.which can be shared with the police through the civic organization Stoppers of Puget Sound.

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