United Kingdom | The British Labor Party, between the wind in favor of the polls and internal divisions

The Labor Party, led by Keir Starmer, is On its way to being able to rule again thirteen years after the arrival of the Tories. Elections in two years, but it is already in the electoral situation. Right now, they lead the polls by twenty points over the Conservatives, according to the latest Politics poll. 46.5% for Labor, 26.5% for Conservatives and 9.4% for the Liberal Democrats. Labor would take 361 seats (159 more than they have now) and the Conservatives 186 (-179). They would have a majority of 40 MPs, compared to the Conservative MPs’ majority of 80 in 2019.

The Conservatives’ path is a long way off but with the election of Rishi Sunak just two months ago they are hoping to trim their lead. The main enemy of Labor now is within his own party. To maintain this feature, Starmer must end the infighting between the left and the center-left. The Labor Party ruled for thirteen years, between 1997 and 2010, with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown with the centre-left New Labour. It has long been said that only when the party shifts to the center does it have a chance to rule.

Jeremy Corbyn and Britain’s exit from the European Union

These divisions deepened with the unexpected election of Jeremy Corbyn in 2015 and the rise to power of the radical left with the support of the ranks and unions, and with the 2016 Brexit referendum, a debate that originated in the Tories that ended up deadlocked. Breaking British society and work. These divisions led to Labor’s worst defeat in 2019.In April 2020, Starmer was elected Leader of the New Labor Party With the task of pulling the party out of its ruins, ending the divisions between Corbyn followers and Blairites and accusations of anti-Semitism that stained the party. Starmer was the European leader during Brexit, is married to a Jewish woman and raises his children according to this doctrine. Before Brexit, Corbyn was suspended He accuses him of anti-Semitisma decision that did nothing but sift through the division.

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A recent investigation by Al Jazeera revealed that the right wing of the party fired A A campaign of lies and false accusations Anti-Semitism towards members of the left To discredit them and conduct a purge. Starmer’s decision in October, given the wave of strikes in the country, to sack Corbyn’s deputy for taking part in a sit-down strike, confronted unions within the Labor Party. Starmer’s key will be finding balance within his party.

internal divisions

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This internal division prevented Labor from ousting the Conservatives, although it was broken and weakened by Brexit. The key to the next election will be Restoration of the so-called “Red Wall”, traditional labor voters in the industrial areas of the North of England who lent their support to Johnson in 2019. The latest polls reveal that only 58% of those who voted for Johnson at the “red wall” in 2019 would do so again in 2024.

In November 2020, after Democrat Joe Biden won the United States, Starmer urged his party to learn from the “broad coalition” that Biden has achieved, that he won back voters who drifted away from Democrats for four years and chose Trump, citing the president-elect’s focus on “family.” society and security & rdquor; In his New Year’s address, Starmer He stressed his willingness to reduce the power of Westminster and handed over to communities.

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